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Corporate Financial Management


Finance is the bloodline of any business. It provides the necessary funds and working capital for purchasing raw materials, buying plant and equipment and for paying wages or salaries. It is essential for every enterprise to have a corporate financial management team or department which can control and carry out the financial operations of an enterprise smoothly. The department should have controls for payments, receipts and other financial outlay which are usually required during the ordinary course of business. Further, they should also be prepared to incur additional expenditure which was not estimated for in the budget allocations.

As a part of the corporate financial management process an enterprise should have various controls for calculating total cash flow, funds requirement for the immediate quarter, working capital requirements, ratio analysis, etc. These financial tools enable a company to organize its finances in a better way and plug all possibilities of revenue leakage. Further, it will also help in identifying situations where better financial control can be exercised for maximizing revenue returns. Corporate financial management is not a task that any amateur can take over and complete. It requires the exercise of expert knowledge and experience which comes only with academic qualifications and practical experience. That is why in Business owners prefer to have Certified Financial Experts as Financial Consultants to audit and monitor the entire end to end financial process.

In today’s business world, how complicated and complex be the business process it can be easily managed with the help of technology. With the aid of technology Corporate Financial Management has become an extremely easier task, there are several ERP software, financial statistical tools and Billing & Accounting systems that comes with separate module for Finance management which can be used for all sizes of businesses to manage to their short term and long term finance.